Building better teams delivers noticeably improved service to our clients.

We build into the lives of our team members because we care about them—they’re part of
the Augies family. The best part about doing what is right for our team is that our clients benefit from a professionally fresh and maintained facility that our teams take pride in.

“Our best clients know and share our value in people. Investing in the hearts and
minds of our hardworking team members creates a better workplace for our teams
and improved service for our clients.
” -Matt Bazzell, Owner

Augies knows that your company's culture and productivity is impacted by your physical
surroundings. By investing in our people and superior products, our clients consistently give
us positive feedback: they notice the difference!

Our crews know their work is professional and something to be proud of and when they’re
proud of their work, it’s reflected in your space.

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Matt & Sharon Bazzell

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Flooring Supervisor

Vernell Borndes

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Our Mission

To improve the lives of everyone our company touches through excellence in building maintenance.

Our mission means that we want our work to leave a positive impact on our clients and their clients for every job we take on. We are a company that cares about the environment in which you and your employees work. We promise to care for it with pride and provide you with a superior clean.

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SHINE in our Core Values


Doing whatever it takes to fulfill our promise to the best of our ability


Elevating our team and clients through respect, kindness, and sincerity


Cleaning, caring, cultivating even when it may not be noticed


Knowing our work is foundational to a productive economy, community, and a more beautiful workplace


Going further than expected to help others toward greater success

Learn More About Our SHINE

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Our Vision

Augies has two visions for our company: The first is our external vision to “Shine Outward.” By improving business spaces, we transform the lives of those we touch and our community as a whole shines brighter.

Our inward vision is to “Shine Onward.” This vision is the company vision that holds us accountable to our own metrics and to ensure that we are upholding our SHINE values internally as well as in our services.

Augies Promise of Superior SHINE Quality:

Augies is committed to providing building services that make us proud to attach our name to. By offering high quality cleaning and maintenance, you will be proud to employ our team in your building. We are the difference between clean and shining.

What is Augies SHINE?

  1. Shine Service is a system created for efficiency, consistency, and a shining attitude. It is built on a process of continuous improvement.
  2. Augies Crews are trained in this system which includes quality control checks. When our work shines, so does your space.
  3. Quality Grade Cleaning Solutions for a healthier, cleaner workspace. We also accommodate customer requests and product preferences.
  4. Trusted by Suppliers means your supplies will be there. You can depend on reliable inventory for the items you need on hand.
  5. Living our Values because at the end of the day, it’s what matters.

We are proud to deliver Augies SHINE quality in everything that we do. On every job, our team provides the same great level of service, so you can be sure that nothing will be overlooked, ignored, or incomplete.

• 99.8% No Missed Cleaning • Responsive Call Center (100% Call Back) • Routine Quality Control Checks •


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Calling All New Team Members

Are you looking to join a professional team that genuinely cares about its employees? Do you want to employ your skills in a growing company that cares about your career path?

Do you want to work in a company where your efforts are noticed? Are you the kind of person who likes the feeling of getting something done well?

If so, Augies Building Services would like to talk with you! We welcome new team members with open arms, and we will work with you to set a schedule that fits for you. We are passionate about helping our employees grow and often promote from within our company.

“While no job is perfect, we hope to provide a way where every employee can create a better place in life for themselves.” – Owner, Sharon Bazzell


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